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Best Barcode Label Printer for Mac

A barcode printer is used to print barcode labels and stickers for parcels and products.

Best Barcode Label Printer for Mac

Most common barcode printers use different printing technologies. Barcode label printer, direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, is designed to print barcodes, logos, tags, and scannable text on labels, which can be applied to any kind of packing object.

Thermal printing, which is broken down into direct thermal and thermal transfer, uses wax or resin ribbons to transfer images to the barcode directly into the label, creating high-quality barcodes that are more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Mac Compatible Barcode Label Printer

Thermal Printer

Direct Thermal Printer

Direct thermal printer is compatible with all Mac systems. It works with chemically treated paper or stock that turns black when the thermal printhead applies heat to the surface of the material. These barcode printers don’t use ink or a ribbon to print, making them a very cost-effective solution for Mac machines.

Direct thermal is used to print barcodes for receipts, shipping labels, and short-term product labeling. It consists of a long, linear array of tiny resistive heating elements that are arranged perpendicular to the paper. Each printed element heats up an area directly on the paper.

Commercial Printer

Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal transfer applies heat to a ribbon and melts the ink onto the surface of the label. They can last for long periods (warehousing and retail). These printers can also print barcode labels with Mac systems.

With thermal transfer printers, you can even mark large orders highly efficiently. The various printers for materials in card format or of the rolling process produce a large selection of materials. Thermal Label Printer gives you a complete labeling solution that is ideally customized your application.

How to Print Labels on Mac for your Business

  • setup icon

    Setup Barcode Label Printer on Mac

    • Use most recent printer software installed on your Mac, Click on the drop-down menu, then select Software.
    • Connect your barcode printer via USB
    • Click the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your computer screen > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
    • Click the + button under the Printers window and click Add Printer.
    • Select printer you wish to add
  • print barcode

    Choose Barcode Software to Generate and Print Labels

    With label templates, you can easily design customized printable labels using "Mac Business Barcode Maker software". Barcode software allows creating and printing multiple labels with different barcodes using the batch processing series option.

    First, choose barcode types according to your labeling needs. Next, input your product information and fill out the label template as needed. Then, you can print the label using flexible and advanced print settings with direct thermal, thermal transfer, and other printers. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can save the labels with your documents as PDF file formats. You can also store the barcode log you've created for further use.

    Barcode labels have scanning ability, which helps to easily access business product details accurately. Mac Barcode Software runs efficiently on all major Mac installed machines.

Some Industries where Barcode Printer Are Used
Retailer Stores
Retailer Stores
Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Retailer Stores

Barcode printer is used in the retail industry to print the barcode tags and labels for each product. Barcodes are attached to the items for easy scanning and tracking by a barcode scanner.

Barcodes are used by big retailers to innovate and find the most creative and effective solutions for inventory management. With a barcode label printer, the retailer can either print the barcode only on the label with relevant information such as price, type, product number, or short product description etc.

Healthcare Industry

Barcode label printers in healthcare provide printing solutions for files, patient records, prescription labeling, as well as laboratory and specimen labels.

For healthcare, barcode technology is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to improve efficiencies in operations and procedures such as patient safety, identification and record keeping.Desktop printers are designed for fixed locations in the hospital. Mobile label printers in healthcare offer an effective solution for labeling.

Manufacturing Industry

Printing a clear barcode is important component of many manufacturing processes. Ability to scan barcode and have access to data is something that many industries depend on.

There are many benefits to using a label printer for your manufacturing. It's helpful for printing quality labels such as shipping labels, chemical labels, product labels, etc. Benefits of using barcodes in inventory include confirmed deliveries, easier combat counterfeiting issues, improved time management, and revenue and operational capabilities.

Distribution industry

Barcode printers to print labels of any size and volume as needed. Distribution items need unique identifiers to ensure they are stocked in the proper place, along the right phase of the production line or being received or shipped to the correct location.

Barcode printers play an essential role in the operation of packaging. High-resolution barcode labels are used in many distribution industries, including food packaging supplies, wholesale packaging supplies, industrial packaging, and others.

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Updated: June 6, 2022