How to create and print Barcodes with Excel and Word



Barcodes are the greater tools to help in maintaining and keeping records about your logistics. Barcodes are helpful in providing better information with the ability to scan in less than a second regarding any item. These white and black bars (barcode) can be created by using these three methods that are using excel, using word, or barcode generator software.

This tutorial will show you how to print barcodes with excel and word. One additional way to generate barcodes is barcode generator software with minimum efforts and higher accuracy. provides multiple advanced barcode generator software for different industries.

How to create and print Barcodes with Microsoft Excel and Word?

Using Microsoft Excel:

For generating and printing the barcodes by using excel, firstly check out the fonts related to barcodes in the Microsoft Excel font list. If the barcode fonts are not found in the font list then you need to download barcode fonts from any open-source barcode font provider or you can purchase them too. After downloading the barcode font it will appear as a zip file at the selected destination. Double click on it and click on the install button to install the barcode font for excel. Now open your excel window and check out for barcode font name or any other name with the representation of black and white bars in the font list.

Barcode using Excel

The process for generating barcodes using excel is pretty easy and simple. Create a table of two columns with the name “Code Value” and “Barcode”; you can put any desired name. Format the column which contains the barcode values into ‘Text’. It is important for not displaying the large values or float values scientifically.

After formatting use this formula (=”*”&A2&”*”) in the first blank row of the second column in which the barcode will display. This formula automatically fetches the values of first column. If there are no values in the first column then this formula will show you only two asterisks in the second column.

Select the “Barcode” column and change the font type to barcode font (Code 128). Code 128 barcode fonts can encode all alphanumeric characters like A-Z, 0-9, and special characters too. Asterisks * is also encoded by code 128, it indicates the starting and ending of the barcode value.

Start giving the values to the first column of the table and see the column is automatically generating the barcodes according to the values given to the first column.

Using Microsoft Word:

For scanners to read the information of your barcode, you'll need to convert the information to an appropriate barcode format, such as an alphanumeric string. You should have a broad idea of how you'll organize all of your barcodes for your specific goal.

For creating a barcode using the word you need to consider the first 3 steps same as defined previously. Open Microsoft word, type the information you want to convert into a barcode.

Highlight all the text and select the downloaded barcode font from the font list and the text will be converted to barcode automatically.

One more way to create multiple barcodes using Microsoft word

  1. Firstly create an excel sheet of the barcode values and save it.
  2. Now open Microsoft word and search for Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Labels.
    • Create a new label format for barcodes. Fill out the label information and select any one label vendor you want. We are using Avery US Letter with the product number 5159.
    • A new word window will open with a table of two separated columns and multiple rows.
  3. Click Select Recipients > Use Existing List.
    • Open previously created excel sheet from computer library.
    • Select the created sheet.
    Barcode using ms word
  4. Press Insert Merge Fields option and insert your field into the table first column and first row.
    • Click on Update all labels.
    • The layout of the first label will be copied to all other labels and the field will automatically be inserted into the rest of the labels.
  5. Preview the record of barcode values click on the Preview Results option.
    • Click on Finish & Merge > Edit Individual Documents for finishing the mail and merge process.
    Design Barcode with MS Word
  6. Select all (ctrl + A) the label values and change the font to Code 128 or Code 39.
    • Barcode is created; give a final touch-up by increasing the font size and aligning it.
    Barcode Created
  7. Now print your created barcodes by using the print setting option of Microsoft Word. If you want to preview your barcode then click on the print preview button.

These two methods have some major drawbacks

  • »Only few barcode fonts can be supported and the quality and accuracy of the barcodes can be poor or low.
  • »Barcodes with the poor quality have the problems with scan.
  • »The process for creating and printing the barcode using Excel and Word is lengthy and boring.
  • »You will always need guidance to generate and print barcode every time because the process is so much sophisticated.

Business Barcode Software is one solution to create and print barcode labels fast and easily. Give the values to few fields and your barcode label is ready to scan.

Creating Barcode using Barcode Generator Software:

The Barcode Creator Application is simple to install and use. To create and print single and multiple barcodes and labels, the software includes a variety of advanced features and capabilities. Multiple varieties of linear and 2D barcode fonts are available in software for producing professional and distinctive barcodes to meet the barcoding needs of various industries such as education, healthcare, distribution, and others. You may use barcode generator software to create and print higher-resolution barcodes that are compatible with any barcode scanner.

Barcode creator software for various enterprises may make a large number of high-quality coupons in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and fonts. The manage batch processing series function in barcode software allows users to import data from an excel or text file, create new series, update existing series, and remove existing series.

Generate and print barcodes from excel or text files using Business Barcode Generator Software:

In these steps our main focus will be on how to generate and print barcodes with excel or text files. Click here to know the initial process of how to use software to generate barcode.

  1. In Quick Barcode Mode, Enable Batch Processing Series feature and use Custom Data Sheet option. You can also use Created Data List option to create barcode using Excel and text file.
  2. Import Excel or Text files into data sheet
    • Click Excel icon and choose the Excel file to import into data sheet from computer library.
    • Click on Text file icon to upload text file into data sheet.
  3. Select details from Excel or Text files
    • Select excel sheet number, specify the columns to the Barcode value, header, footer and print quantity fields.
    • Choose the fields which you wish to be imported from the text file into data sheet.
    • Customize your barcode by aligning it and by increasing the height and density.
    Barcode with Software
  4. Print your barcodes by using software’s inbuilt print setting option.
    • Enable print with batch processing series option
    • Specify label size, spacing and alignments. Increase rows and columns quantity.
    • Preview your barcodes before printing by clicking on Print Preview button.