Are You Still Applying Labels by Hand? COVID-19 is Accelerating the Elimination of Manual Labeling

Posted by: Teachable Tech
Updated: April 27th, 2022

Coronavirus outbreaks and the worldwide reaction to the pandemic have forced companies to rethink their industry package labeling processes. Manufacturing organizations that have traditionally relied on the use of desktop-based label printers with a manual label application process are facing increasing challenges regarding labor shortages, difficulty sharing, being prone to human errors, and creating excess paperwork.

By eliminating manual steps in your labeling environment, you will gain scalability, reliability, flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency in their operations, allowing them to stay up to speed with the changing world around them. With this blog post, we will give you example of how you can do more with less in your labeling environment with a little help from this blog.

How to Eliminate Manual Labeling

During the COVID-19 pandemic, creating labels from scratch can be time-consuming and overwhelming for label designers. If your current labeling environment looks like a scattered mess, you need to choose label designing software to eliminate manual label printing.

  • Choose Label Designing Software: Eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and simplify your printing process by choosing Business "Barcode Label Maker Software". Software can be defined as a centralized technology that replaces the manual labeling process of triggering a print job within a labeling environment. With a barcode label maker solution, you can reduce the scope and cost of manual labeling errors.
  • Select Barcode Symbologies to Design Label: "Business Barcode Maker" provides 2D and linear barcode symbologies to design your labels. They have a much higher capacity for data storage and capture a barcode in any orientation, reducing scanning labor.
  • Print Labels Instantaneously Without Manual Data Entry: Manual data entry at print time is truly unavoidable, you can leverage custom barcode label printing software to make data entry easy and accurate. In label maker software, print forms can be completely customized to create your ideal label printing process.
Benefits of Eliminating Manual Labeling
1. Eliminate Manual Processes: Save time and prevent labeling errors by reducing manual processes.
2. Faster Label Printing: Through the elimination of manual data entry, your label printing process speed could double.
3. Ensure Label Accuracy: Label printing process reduces human interactions, which decreases the opportunity for error and enables the delivery of accurate information and data in real-time.
4. More User-friendly Label Printing Process: Eliminating unnecessary steps creates a simpler labeling process for your print users, reducing stress and saving time.
5. High Efficiency and Low Cost: High level of accuracy and speed cannot be compared to manual labeling. In the long run, the manufacturer saves himself a lot of money in labor costs.