Postcodes, ZIP+4 codes, and delivery addresses are all represented by barcodes. The Postal Service uses automated technology that detects barcodes to categorize and dispatch mail. The barcode tells us where your mail should be delivered by the Postal Service.

Postcards with the recipient's address have a unique barcode written on them. Those small black bars hold a lot of information! They can tell you about the central warehouse, the transport route, etc.

How to Generate Barcodes for Postal Services

Postal Barcode Label Maker Software can create both postal and bank barcode labels to satisfy post office and bank barcode labeling requirements. Software rapidly generates various bank and postal barcode labels using random, sequential, and constant value series generating methods. With barcode generator software, you can easily create a variety of barcode labels for banking and postal labeling purposes, such as demand draughts, withdrawal forms, and a variety of other bank documents in the banking sector, and mailing letters, speed post, and so on in the postal sector. Using advanced printing settings, barcode label software allows you to create bulk barcode labels on a single sheet of paper. For the postal and banking sectors, software generates scan able bank and postal barcode labels in a variety of fonts and sizes.

Barcodes in Postal service
Barcode enhance efficiency in postal service by the following ways-

Barcodes, as we all know, deliver accurate data in a short amount of time. Allowing employees to focus on other activities or completing more orders can increase employee productivity since barcode scanners allow them to handle more orders faster than they could without them. By automatically recording product information, barcodes remove human activities. By minimising paperwork, it decreases labour expenses and boosts productivity. Data entry is automated through barcode scanning, which eliminates the possibility of human error. Businesses can successfully manage their orders, inventories, and shipments using digitally recorded data, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Reduce error

In the postal service, human mistake is common. Employees might easily flip numbers, skip lines, misread numbers, or use unreadable handwriting while entering data by hand. On the other hand, the use of a barcode postal service reduces the possibility of human error. Because barcode scans are faster, more reliable, and require less time, they are more efficient than human data input. When barcodes are scanned, the barcode images are quickly and accurately converted into a human language and displayed in software on a computer or mobile device.


Post tracking service allows users to track the delivery information of your consignment easily. Customers are always on the lookout for a quick and easy way to track different type of shipment and items. By employing a label, a company may provide its customers with an easy way to track their items. The tracking information on the delivery label can be used to simply keep track of the merchandise. This allows the company to keep its customers informed about the status of their shipment at every stage of the delivery process.


Security is required by the postal service while sending parcels and other items physically or electronically. Barcodes provide security by concealing information that is required. It's a collection of parallel lines of varying widths and numbers that can't be read by humans. If a user wants to read the information, they scan the barcode with a barcode scanner.

Updated: June 7, 2022