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Visitors ID Gate Pass Maker Screenshots

Visitors ID Gate Pass Maker Software allows you to design a visitor's ID card and gate pass for your visitors. Software provides the option to add all the visitor's details to the database for future usage and manage records. You can also search for visitor's records according to name, company name, date range, etc. Software provides the option to crop visitors' images using image cropping tools, as per your requirement.

Visitor ID Cards Designer Program allows you to easily export the Visitor ID Card as an image (png, jpg, etc.) and as a PDF file format. Program also provides predefined templates to easily design visitor gate passes. for Visitor Gate pass Designer application has advanced designing tools such as text, symbols, barcodes, and shapes to design customized visitor ID cards. Software provides advanced printing settings to print multiple visitor ID cards as per requirement.

Use the following steps to design customised Visitor ID cards using Visitor ID Gate Pass Maker Software:
Select any one of the Template Categories (Pre-defined or user-defined) as needed.
Select predefined template
  • Here we select the Visitor ID/Gate Pass predefined template to design a visitor gate pass.
  • After selecting a template, Specify Standard card size (Credit card size, Military size, CR79), Card category (PVC card or Paper card) and Card size (Width and Height).
  • Choose a predefined sample of cards and set the background of the cards.
Fill in all the details of visitors to add on your ID card and change card properties as well.
Enter user details
  • To add a photo of the visitor to the ID card, either browse for a photo or use Camera Settings to capture a photo.
  • Fill in all the details (Name, Address, Visitor No.) according to the card labels.
  • Add your visitor's details to the database using the "Add Visitor Details to DB" button.
  • Using the "Add New Label" button, you can add any new label to your visitor gatepass.
  • Change the card's properties by changing the background format, image properties, and card body option.
Fill in all of the details of the printer settings as shown on screen to print your designed student ID card.
Print designed visitor ID
Click Here to Design Visitors ID Gate Pass →
  • Set page properties, print margin, spacing and side/alignment etc.
  • You can preview your designed visitor ID cards to avoid mistakes.
  • After completing print settings, click on the print button to print the Visitor gate pass.