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Birthday Card Maker Software Screenshots

Birthday card designing tool offers an advanced card designing view with different card designing objects like text, rectangle, triangle, pencil, picture, star, etc. Software provides the facility to add birthday quotes, wishes, photos, and messages (using message templates) while designing the card.

Birthday Card Creator tool generates multiple birthday cards using batch processing series features. Birthday card designing Program easily creates required cards in various shapes, including rounded rectangles, ellipses, and rectangles, as per your needs. Using Software tool, you can design and create colorful happy birthday cards for mothers, friends, fathers, cousins, and many more.

Process to design attractive birthday card using Birthday Card Maker Software:
To design birthday cards, choose between designing a birthday invitation or designing a birthday greeting options.
Design Birthday Greeting Using Wizard
  • Create a birthday greeting card using templates, a wizard, or a blank format of your choosing.
  • If you select "Design a greeting card using the wizard option," then click the next button.
  • Specify the label name, size (label height and width).
  • You can also get the label size from printer by using the "get size from printer" button.
Using background properties, you can change the birthday card background.
Specify shape of Label, Add background
  • In Background Properties, select the shape (Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Ellipse) of label and set border color, Style and width.
  • Fill the background color with solid colors or a gradient. You can also select an image path to place the image in the background.
  • Using the background effect tab, you can set the background brightness, and contrast etc.
  • Above screenshot shows front view of designed birthday card.
After completing your designing part, click on the Print button to print the birthday greeting card with advanced printing settings.
print designed birthday card
Click Here to Design Attractive Birthday Cards →
  • Using the page properties option, specify the page type, orientation, height and width, etc.
  • Set the margin of the card (top, left, right, bottom) and Margin between cells (vertical or horizontal).
  • By simply clicking on the "Print Preview" button, you will be able to print a preview of your designed birthday card before printing.