Why is Traceability Important for Customer Safety?

By: Teachable Tech | June 29, 2022

Traceability plays an important role in customer safety when it comes to either food and pharmaceutical products or industrial goods. It is the ability to identify and trace the manufacturing and distribution of unsafe or poor-quality products such as food, automobiles, or aircraft.

By implementing barcoding systems that encourage high-level tracking and tracing capabilities, organizations can exercise more granular control over their production process. This helps them make safer products of higher quality and can be optimized for continuous improvement.

Why is Traceability Important to Customers?

Customer safety items such as medicines and food items can cause serious health issues if their product is defective. Traceability helps organizations track and trace the defected lot within the supply chain for faster product recalls.

Food Traceability:

Food Traceability

Traceability of food products makes it easier to identify and eliminate illegal activities. Customers can easily track the source of the product, common allergens used in the process, and the organic raw materials by product barcode.

The producers want to build trust among the customers by providing quality and valid data certificates about the product. Supply chain benefits from food traceability because it improves product information, eliminates food waste, and improves the safety of products consumed.

Public Health and Consumer Protection:

Healthcare Track

Healthcare tracking solutions help to upgrade patients' security, track medication and ensure that the right care is being administered to the right patient. Barcode technology provides solutions for everyday processes to ensure that the patient receives the correct treatment. Some advantages of traceability in healthcare:

  • Patient Safety
  • Preventing Fraudulent
  • Enabling correct patient records and effective product recalls
  • Enabling regulatory compliance

Technical Industry:

Technical Industry

Industrial goods such as automotive components, military components, aerospace components, and industrial machinery can pose a serious risk to end users if not validated or certified properly.

The product traceability system helps organizations check the product quality of each component and know what component is used in which bigger machine.

  • Improve root cause analysis
  • Helps continuous improvement
  • Facilitates Value stream mapping
  • Increase quality and engagement

How to Improve Traceability

Tracking and Record-Keeping

Product traceability systems allow you to keep track of product recalls, identifying all the affected products so you can better inform the public when you put out the notice. You can keep records of batch numbers, product order numbers, and production timestamps.

Supply Chain Visibility

Traceability is an important part of the process because it allows you to see your entire supply chain at each tier of operations. It also has the ability to increase your efficiency and gives you the chance to make changes to your shipping journey when unexpected events happen.

Mock Recalls

Mock recall is an exercise that tests your traceability system by tracing a product’s journey within your supply chain and verifying your communication systems.

What are the Benefits of Traceability?

Quality Control

The high-level control that traceability provides over the manufacturing process encourages granular quality control, which has proved invaluable in industries such as automotive, food production, and defense.

Operational Efficiency

Barcode traceability systems optimize the process to enable organizations efficiency, and reducing resource wastage. It allows customers to track inventory movements from end-to-end, where they were shipped, or back through their operational steps.

Satisfaction of Consumers

With traceability systems, organizations have greater control over the manufacturing process and are better equipped to adopt improvements that help them produce higher-quality products that comprehensively meet customer needs.

Product Recall

Barcode tracking is essential for quickly improving value chain efficiencies and minimizing costly product recalls, and it also helps organizations manage these situations better.