Generating Barcodes using Excel Sheet Data with Batch Processing in MacOS

By: Teachable Tech | July 06, 2022

If you want to manage and monitor your business products without any margin for error, you can generate bulk number of barcodes for tracing business information. Generating barcodes from excel sheet is inexpensive and quick. Easily generate barcodes by importing data from excel and also print according to excel content.

barcode software
Barcode Software

Multiple barcode labels can be generated by using Batch processing option with Mac barcode generator software.

barcode printer
Barcode Printer

For the printing of barcodes in Mac OS X, two types of printers are typically used, such as thermal transfer & direct thermal printers.

barcode reader
Barcode Scanner

Scanners that read and extract information from barcode labels using laser, handheld, and pen-type scanners, etc.

How to get Microsoft Excel on your Mac: You can install Microsoft Excel on Mac by downloading Microsoft 365 from the Mac App Store, which has a compatible version of Excel.

Create Barcode by Importing MS-Excel file using Batch Processing – Mac Barcode Maker Software

Barcode Label Maker Tool for Mac OS can generate linear and 2D barcode labels using Excel Sheets and Text Files for creating multiple barcodes. Software provides two modes for designing the barcode labels, which are: Quick Barcode Mode and Barcode Designing Mode.

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1. Quick Barcode Mode

  • Generate and import your MS-Excel file to produce multiple barcodes by enabling the batch processing option in Mac Apple.
  • Select barcode technologies and types like linear barcode or 2D barcode.
  • Insert header and footer values manually for barcodes as per use. You can even import separate Excel sheets for header and footer values, as per your convenience.
  • For the adjust barcode settings, you can change the General, Font and Color settings options.
  • MAC Excel Barcode Software allow to create a custom data sheet to generate bulk barcodes.
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2. Barcode Designing Mode

  • Select the label shape, size and browse images using the Label Properties option in Mac OS X.
  • Design barcode label using various drawing tools such as lines, text, rectangles, barcode according to your requirements.
  • Selecting a barcode from the left menu and double-clicking on that barcode to change the 'Barcode Properties', such as barcode font and choosing a data source (manual or batch processing series).
  • For the adjust barcode settings, you can change the General, Font and Color settings options.
  • Print your barcode labels using advanced print settings of Mac Barcode Maker Software.

What are the Benefits of using Mac Barcode Generator Software?

Software creates linear and 2D barcode labels using MS-Excel and Txt files.

Software has sharing feature to send the designed barcode labels to specified mail addresses.

Save or send the designed barcode labels as an image, PDF, or Template File Format.

Provides flexible print settings to print the designed barcode labels.