Use QR Codes in Email

Last updated: September 22, 2022
Email QR Code

Your email ID, subject, and message are all included in an email QR code. Users can scan the code to send you emails that already have a subject and body. Users can also send you an email with just one scan. Email engagement rates rise when QR Codes are added because they connect the desktop and mobile user experiences. The longer your emails are able to keep them interested, the more attached they will become to your brand.

Where in an Email should I place QR Codes?

  • Digital Signature:

    VCard QR Codes can be implemented into an email's digital signature to allow the recipient to quickly and easily save your contact information by scanning the code.

  • The Main body:

    In addition to the digital signature, the email's body can also contain QR codes. Your use case will determine where a QR code is placed in your email. When sharing a coupon code or revealing a recently launched product image, main body QR Codes are more relevant than digital signature QR Codes, which are useful for saving the sender's contact information. Simply put, your transactional emails will look better and be more valuable if you include QR Codes in the email body.

Why should I use QR code in my email?

By using an email QR code, you can send emails without having to manually start the email app, start a message, and type in the recipient's email address. The procedure is sped up and the chance of typing in the incorrect email address or message is eliminated.

Reduces Human Errors

When sending an email, first Opening an email client—either in an application or a browser—is the first step in sending an email. A target email address is then manually typed, followed by the subject and the email body's actual content. By manually entering everything, there is a chance that the email address will be misspelled, leading to an email that is either not sent or sent to the incorrect recipient. With an email QR code, however, all that is required to send the right email to the intended recipient is to scan the code and press send.

Improve Quick and Simple Interaction

The most practical way to do it is to save time with a prewritten automated email QR code if you are selling a service and someone wants to contact you directly. Instead of completing an online contact form on your website and possibly entering their email address incorrectly, customers can use the email to change the pre-written message and ask any questions they like. This strengthens the bond between a business and its customers and guarantees the best possible customer service.

Improves Customer Communication

If you're a service provider or product manufacturer, using an email QR code can help you quickly get feedback from customers. Include the code directly on your packaging or on all of your marketing and promotional materials so that customers can contact you without having to search through your website to find the email address.

Uses Zero Cost to Implement

Who doesn't enjoy receiving free things? Yes, our email QR code is totally cost-free. The cost of creating, downloading, and using it is ZERO. And what's this? It never runs out! You will receive emails sent using this type of QR Code as long as your email address is active.

Frequently Asked Questions about Email QR Codes
Can I send an email automatically using a QR code?

Yes. Users can instantly send an email to the desired email address by scanning an email QR code. You must create a QR code for the recipient's email address, as well as the desired email subject and body content, to receive emails from your users. Users only need to scan the code and click the send button after opening the corresponding link in their email service provider's app.

How can a QR code be scanned in an email?
Barcode Scanner

It is easy to scan a QR Code from an email. To be redirected to the destination URL, simply activate the camera on your smartphone, point it at the QR code, and click the corresponding link that appears. Choose the best QR Code scanner to scan email QR Codes. You'll need a third-party app to scan QR Codes if you're using a phone with an Android or iOS version of less than Android 8 or iOS 11.

Keep in mind the goal of QR codes

While adding QR Codes to emails to reveal discount coupons, event entry passes, etc. makes sense, doing so just for the sake of adding a QR Code does not. The QR code used in emails is meant to be a useful addition rather than an unnecessary extra addition.