Whenever you go to any super market or small grocery shops to purchase any food product, you always notice that there is a barcode on the product that barcode is stamped to that item to help company to manage the supply chain and product information. These barcodes also helps customers to get the real time information about the product. Barcodes are uniquely identified on each product, which manage to link items and product with suitable information.


Food labelling informs customers on the contents, ingredients, and nutritional value of packaged foods. Food labels include essential information that can assist you in making educated decisions about what you and your family consume. The label also specifies the conditions under which the product was manufactured and how the product should be stored for future use.

The information food label includes

Food Barcode Label
  • The name of the food
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Manufacture and Expiry Date
  • Manufacturer’s Name
  • Directions for use
  • Ingredients
  • Allergens and Additives
  • Weight and measure of product
  • Country of Origin
  • Addition Nutrition and Health Claim


Including a QR code on the packaging of a food product allows you to provide customers more information than ever before.

QR code on food labels are an excellent marketing technique since they are quick to scan, easy to understand, and connect customers to relevant product information. Adding a QR code that links to your unique information improves the value of the food product, whether the purpose is to get consumer feedback, promote social media, give nutritional information, or just make it easier to contact customer care.

Customers have more control over what they eat and drink because of QR Codes, which give fast information on ingredients, calories, and allergies in authorised items. It only goes to show that scan able QR codes may be utilised in a variety of ways, having the ability to safeguard firms from controversy while also assisting customers with their purchasing.

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Check out is fast and reliable:

The purchase and payment become easier when customer came to the grocery store and choose a product checkout by scanning the QR code or barcode by self or with help of checkout instructor.

Get correct information related to food product:

By scanning QR code customer can read all the information related to the product. And can purchase the product after he found out the product and information related to product reliable or correct.

New way to improve food safety:

There are a lot of food products that have a lot of various ingredients with distinct names that are tough to put on a basic food label. As a result of this circumstance, product information has become more complicated, and customers may find it difficult to grasp components. When QR codes are scanned, they provide additional information on each ingredient, allowing customers to completely understand what is in their dish.

Advertising and labelling:

Customers have always been curious about the products they buy, including where they came from, who manufactured them, how fresh they are, and how they will be utilised. All of this information may be included on a barcode label. Food labels with barcodes have additional capacity, allowing for more information about the health and ethics of food and drink goods to be provided.


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