Attendance record has a significant impact on the academic success of school students. Many educational institutions do not have any automated student record-keeping system. Because of the growing number of students, there is a need for a solution to keep track of their attendance records systematically. The manual method of gathering and maintaining student records is sensitive and subjected to human mistakes.

Barcodes allow the teacher to take the attendance of every student in a single computer system. Each student has an identification card and a unique barcode is assigned to them. This barcode carries the student’s unique information like name, class, and enrollment number. Once the student scans their barcode, then the computer system will store the attendance of that specific student.

Generate Student ID Cards to Track Student Attendance

You can generate identity cards by using the Student Id Card Maker Software in a simple and easy way. There are various details of the student can be added to the card such as name, DOB, class, address, etc. This software provides the facility to add a barcode in the identification card, which helps to keep track the students' attendance. Batch processing feature is available in the software that allows you to generate multiple ID cards with different students’ information at a single time.

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Record and Track Student Attendance using Barcode Technology

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Barcoding technology is very beneficial in recording and tracking the student's attendance. It manages the record very easily so that the schools and colleges can quickly retrieve the correct attendance data as needed which leads to increase efficiency and effectiveness of educational institutions.

With the help of this technology, attendance can be recorded in a very simple way. Students scan the barcode embedded in their identification cards to the barcode scanner and the attendance gets recorded in the computer system. The main benefit of this technology is that it resolves the issue of fake attendance.

Benefits of Barcode based Student Attendance Tracking over the Traditional Method

  • Time-Saving

    Traditional attendance checking is very time-consuming for teachers. So, many institutions are looking for an advanced attendance checking process that is easy to manage. So for this, barcode-based attendance tracking is the best solution. It helps the teachers to take the attendance more precisely.

  • Easy to Track and Maintain

    Traditionally, Teachers use the registers to record the student’s attendance which consumes more time, and maintaining the registers is also difficult. So to solve this issue, the barcoding method is introduced. The entire student’s attendance is stored in the digital format which is easy to track and maintain.

  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors

    There are some chances that teachers can do mistakes during recording the attendance. Barcode-based attendance tracking can resolve this issue by eliminating the chance of data entry errors. Teachers just need to scan the student’s ID card and the attendance will automatically get marked.


The Barcode-based Student Attendance Tracking System works by scanning the barcode embedded in the identification card of the student. It is a time-saving and efficient method of tracking the attendance of a particular student. Because everything will be saved in the computer’s database, the teacher's work to manually mark attendance and the burden of maintaining the register will be reduced. It is one of the best solutions to speed up the student attendance process.