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ID card maker software

Let your imagination this time assist you in designing ID cards, ID badges relevant to the type of business or personal needs. ID card maker software will give you an opportunity to fabricate your own personal identification card like student photo ID cards, faculty ID cards, corporate ID cards, employee ID badges or cards, company ID cards, security ID cards etc of preferred look and features.

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ID card maker software (or name card maker) presents latest technology image designing tools like Pencil, Text, Line, Pictures, Barcode, Ellipse, Rectangle, Circle etc to create student i-card and print ID cards by all common printers. According to the business needs, ID card software provides series ID card generating options to fabricate desired numbers of ID cards by just changing the text and barcode value. Now edit an existing ID card as per your wish or create one from scratch by utilizing the advanced creative platform of the ID cards maker product having GUI enabled interface.

Software Features:
  • Image designing objects (Picture, Text, Barcode, Circle, Rectangle, Ellipse etc) helps to build quality business or private ID cards.
  • Create single or multiple ID cards as per business needs by just altering the text or barcode value.
  • Print ID cards by aid of the customizable print settings.
  • Provides options to create a new ID card or edit existing card relevant to the requirements.
  • ID cards of diverse shapes and sizes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse etc) can be created as preferred.
  • You can easily add your favorite photo, any text you want to display, barcode, graphics, logos etc.
  • Easily adjustable font, color, barcode and image settings provide a helping hand to create professional ID cards having customized features.
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