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ID Card Designer Corporate Edition for Mac Screenshots

ID Card Designer-Corporate Edition for Mac to create ID cards for students, employees, visitors and security members, etc. Software allows you to design multiple ID cards with different barcode values and text using the Batch Processing Series option for Mac users. You can easily export your designed ID cards as images (in JPEG, PNG, and other file formats), as PDFs, and as templates.

Mac ID Card Corporate Edition Software provides pre-defined templates or starts creating ID cards with a previously saved design log file option to design ID cards. Software has many designing objects such as barcodes, signatures, images, symbols, and text to design unique ID cards. Software has an e-mail setting option to send the designed ID card to a specified email address. Software has a flexible print setting option to print multiple ID cards using a batch processing series option.

Process to design ID Cards using Mac ID Card Designer Corporate Edition:
Select any one of the designing modules (design using predefined template, using a wizard, Open with exsiting design log, Visitor ID/ gatepass mode, live Group and Batch Processing Mode) as per requirement.
Design using predefined template
  • Here we select "Design using predefined template" module to design ID card.
  • If you have previous design ID crads, choose the "Open with existing design log" option to continue design.
  • For design multiple ID cards, select the live group and batch processing mode.
Fill out the User Profile Information Tab to add the user's information to the ID card.
Fill user profile information
  • Browsing excel files to fill the user detail and also view Browse file uisng View excel data option.
  • User can also enter data manually by selecting data source option (manual or Excel).
  • Add a user image to the card by using the browse option or camera setting.
After completing the designing part, print the designed ID card using print settings.
Printe designed card using print button
Click Here to Design ID Card- Corporate Edition for Mac →
  • Specify page properties, Set the margin between cards (vertical and horizontal) and Specify card sides and alignment.
  • Before printing, click on the "Print Preview" button to view the designed ID cards.
  • After set print settings, Print designed card using print button.